Partitur: Beskrivet dock tolkat

Described yet interperted



Konstföreningen Aura
Lund Sweden
01-19 / 02-10 2008



Titel: Liten Batalj målning / A smal battle painting 25 x 85 -07

Partitur; A show taking place on three floors with different mods and situations.
Like intermezzos. Like-waize in a music score, rendered in notion and motion of situations.
The analogy are token from music; - just to place the accord of the different variaitons for the paintings. One tone shiftting in oscillated tempos.___

V;-You dont need to know how to read the score, you just enjoy the notion of it.

D; - mh, So, what are your basic tone?
V; - antagonism, in a nice eye-candy way...
to be continued


Övre plan/ upper floor

"Man made landscapes who likes to go Institutionalized"

Mobilt landskap / Mobil landskace acrylic and oil on canvas 52x66

[ - litlle coulor...litlle landscap...and some nudity]
[ - well, yes...thats sounds fine]


Kulturlandskap acrylic and oil on canvas 180x282 -04/08

[ - I¨ve been here]
[ - me too!]

D: - Why subtitles?
V: - Well, that´s a third images of a image, a third situation, a third doing. A third part of reflextion.
Like you are doing right now, -reading this...from the screen.
D;[ - This is strange!]
V; [- yes, it is.]
But, we are doing it right now.So... This is a kind of "man made landscapes"





Titel: [Love] 75x135 acrylic and oil on canvas -07

Titel: sockeröga/Suger eye 64x166
acrylic and oil on canvas -07/08

Titel: See the Light coming in the night - 53x151 acrylic and oil on canvas -07

Titel Väntrum / Restroom 51x137acrylic and oil on canvas -07/08

Titel; TV stol 52x137 acrylic and oil on canvas -07/08

Detail; special emulison (transparant coulor)


D; -Why do paint, Virgil? Help me out!
V; - Well, first of all it is a conuntion in time. In our time. Doesn´t matter how, painting is a classical way to preform. Of course I have some very sutle privet resonses, but in the end it´s for the -over all conution. By the way, it´s also an Art in life which you cant avoid.
D; -tthat was realy massive..........can I ask -///////////

  /////to be continued -> ////////////////////////////kon-tact:Virgil ////////////////////////////